Terms & Conditions of Sale

  1. Warranty for trees & plants installed with irrigation by Bonilla Nurseries is three (3) months from the original planting date. Limited to 1 replacement tree per tree purchased. The current delivery charge applies to all warranty orders. For plants not installed by Bonilla Nurseries, no warranty is provided.
  3. Orders requiring a deposit are non refundable after 30-days. Canceled orders are subject to a mandatory 15% cancellation fee. No exceptions.
  4. Commercial/wholesale sales are subject to a 25% restocking fee for trees/plants that were tagged at the nursery and rejected at the jobsite.
  5. Bonilla Nurseries is not liable for customer’s H.O.A. acceptance or denial of plant material or rock/gravel. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Bonilla Nurseries of any and all restrictions of customer’s H.O.A. prior to the time of purchase.
  6. Any changes to this invoice must be made at least (2) business days prior to the planting date.
  7. Removal, relocating or transplanting of trees planted by Bonilla Nurseries voids warranty.
  8. Customer is responsible for getting sufficient water to all trees and plants after they have been installed if irrigation is not installed by Bonilla Nurseries.
  9. Warranty applies only to the transplant survivability of plant material.
  10. Warranty does not cover expected growth rate, fruit production, location of planted tree or any other perceived features of the tree / plant variety.
  11. Warranty does not cover negligent care, pest or weather related damage (i.e. wind, freeze, hail etc.). (Double staking does not provide any additional warranty against weather damage)
  12. For Multi-trunk Trees: Warranty does not apply to individual branches or trunks; only the entire tree.
  13. Returned (NSF) checks subject to $30.00 fee.
  14. Approved refunds are for store credit only. (No Cash Reimbursement)
  15. Store credits expire 12 months after issuance.
  16. Bonilla Nurseries is not responsible for any damages caused by the following: (Please take this into consideration when choosing locations to have items planted)
    1. Normal digging or planting of trees anywhere on customer’s property.
    2. Moving trees to the planting location. (i.e. across patios, walkways, pool decks, curbing etc.)
    3. Encountering underground pipes, pool pipes, irrigation lines or other utilities, while digging and / or planting.
  17. Bonilla Nurseries hand-digs for cautious excavation to avoid damage to underground piping/utility lines. However, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to have these underground lines marked prior to the work being started. Any non-municipality underground lines are solely the responsibility of the customer and may incur a repair charge if damaged due to lines not being marked prior to work.
  18. Delivery time quotes are courtesy estimates only. Delivery time is never guaranteed.
  19. If a delivery and/or planting job is unable to be completed as scheduled due to inclement weather conditions, it will be rescheduled with the customer’s consent for the next available delivery date.
  20. An additional get to the job fee applies if Bonilla Nurseries can’t perform work as scheduled due to:
    1. No access to the planting area at time of delivery.
    2. Location to plant is not clearly designated for all items.
    3. Pets not restrained that may be of risk to Bonilla Nurseries’ personnel.
  21. Bonilla Nurseries is not responsible for pets not restrained during job
  22. Bonilla Nurseries DOES NOT perform any work that is not on invoice, this includes:
    1. Removing trees, vegetation, or tree stumps.
    2. Adding irrigation lines/emitters.
    3. Hauling off dirt, rock, boulders, or any other debris.
  23. There is no warranty on sod.
  24. All turf, rock, sod, and gravel orders are not refundable or returnable.
  25. Rock, gravel, and paver colors and sizes may vary slightly than shown at the nursery.
  26. Rock and gravel orders are dropped in the street unless noted differently on invoice.
  27. Rock and Gravel may contain 20%-30% Fines in Rock or more upon delivery
  28. Bonilla Nurseries is NOT liable for any damage at residence due to delivery of rock, gravel or pavers.
  29. Rock and gravel choices are the ultimate responsibility of the customer. We cannot guarantee that we can match the exact rock/gravel in your yard. Weather and aging conditions often alter the color and size of the gravel/rock.
  30. Only Irrigation parts and services listed on invoice are to be provided; any additional work or parts not listed will require an additional charge. Customer must have anti-siphon valve per building codes.
  31. Bonilla Nurseries is not responsible for improper measurements or shortages when ordering sod or irrigation.
  32. If the customer is renting the product and not purchasing it, a separate rental contract will be added with additional terms and conditions.
  33. If any action is brought to enforce or interpret any provision of this document and Bonilla Nurseries prevails or successfully settles the matter, the customer shall be responsible for any and all attorney’s fees, court costs, and any other expenses incurred in proceeding with the matter.
  34. These are official terms of sale. No other terms, verbal, written or implied are valid.

Release, Hold Harmless and Indemnification

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Owner agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify Bonilla Network, LLC, its agents and employees for any and all damages incurred by Owner, any family member of Owner, or any licensee, social guest or trespasser on Owner’s property arising out of any work performed on Owner’s Property by Bonilla Network, LLC, its agents or employees. This Release includes any and all claims arising out of any negligence or misconduct of Bonilla Network, LLC, its agent or employees

Owner further agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Bonilla Network, LLC and its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against claims, damages, losses and expenses including but not limited to attorneys’ fees arising out of or resulting from the negligence or misconduct of Contractor in connection with the performance of the Work described in this Agreement.